Sonata Form = Composition Superpowers

  • Advanced Techniques

    Master advanced harmony, melody, and musical form.

  • Guided Modelling

    You’ll compose a new piece modeled on Beethoven's first Piano Sonata.

  • Confidence in Your Ability

    Grasp what goes into a highly developed and integrated piece of music.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Build Your Development Skills
    • Overview of Sonata Form
    • Sonata Form Workbook
    • The Use of Harmony in Sonata Form
    • Thematic Loosening Techniques
    • Melodic Development Techniques
    • Ex. 1-3-1 Audio - Transcribe this melody by ear
    • Ex. 1-3-1 - Melody only
  • 2
    Using Unconventional Themes
    • Hybrid Theme 1 - Antecedent + Continuation
    • Hybrid Theme 2 - Antecedent + Cadential
    • Hybrid Theme 3 - Compound Basic Idea + Continuation
    • Hybrid Theme 4 - Compound Basic Idea + Consequent
    • Compound Theme 1 - Compound Period
    • Compound Theme 2 - Compound Sentence
    • Framing Functions
  • 3
    The Exposition
    • The Exposition Overview
    • The Main Theme
    • The Subordinate Theme
    • The Transition
  • 4
    The Development
    • The Development An Overview
    • The Pre-Core and Augmented 6ths
    • The Core
  • 5
    The Recapitulation
    • An Overview of the Recapitulation
    • The Recapitulation Main Theme
    • The Recapitulation Transition
    • The Recapitulation Subordinate Theme
  • 6
    The Slow Introduction and Coda
    • The Coda and Slow Introduction
    • The Slow Introduction
    • The Coda
  • 7
    Fine Tuning Your Piece
    • Score Cleanup Part 1
    • Score Cleanup Part 2
    • Score Interpretation Part 1
    • Score Interpretation Part 2
    • Score Playability

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  • Jon Brantingham

    Creator of Art of Composing

    Jon Brantingham

    I've composed for over twenty years, and I am passionate about teaching and learning composition. I am currently a working composer living in Los Angeles, CA.


  • What do I need to know to start?

    You need to understand the concepts from Music Composition 101 and be able to read and write music notation. Be able to play the piano is not required but it helps a lot.

  • Will it work for my style of music?

    Yes. While sonata form is a classical form, the loosening techniques and your ability to craft a long piece translate to any style or genre.

  • Are lessons downloadable?


Take Your Composing To the Next Level

Sonata Form is more than a structure for your piece. It's a collection of compositional superpowers.

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