What You Should Know

To get the most out of Art of Composing, I recommend the following:

  • Read Notation

    In order to understand the lessons, you need to be able to read treble and bass clef.

  • Spend Time Everyday

    Spend just a little time everyday practicing your composition.

  • Listen

    Be familiar with the sound of classical music, especially the piano works of Beethoven.


What Do I Need to Know Before Joining the Academy?

The basic requirement is an ability to read music.

For Music Composition 101: The Fundamentals - as long as you can read music, you are ready. 

Music Composition 201: Sonata Form, is more advanced and you should be able to understand the concepts in 101 first.

Am I locked into paying for a year, or several months?

No. The subscription is a monthly subscription plan. You are billed as soon as you submit your order, and you can cancel at any time. When you cancel, you won't be billed the following month, and you actually maintain access through the rest of the current billing period.

How Are the Courses Structured?

The courses are based on learning specific skill sets and then putting those skills into practice. 

Each course features multiple modules, focusing on things like melody, harmony, or form. 

Each module has several lessons

Each lesson breaks down the key skills that you learn. 

Every course has a comprehensive workbook that is designed for you to be able to successfully put into practice all the concepts from that course. 

On top of this, I have recorded myself completing each of the exercises. This really helps understanding.

Are the Courses Available on iPad, iPhone, Android, or other mobile devices?

Yes. The site is fully mobile compatible. You can watch it and do the exercises anywhere you want, as long as you have an internet connection and a printer to print the exercises, or a notation program. If you have any issues with formatting, you can always email at [email protected].

Can I download and save the videos to my computer?


Do I have access to the entire course as soon as I join?


Will I get to talk to you during the course or I will only get the material and trust my self-study skills?

You can always leave a comment on the lesson pages which I answer, or email a question as well.

The videos won't load, or play in the course.

If you are having trouble playing the videos, it may be an internet filter. Try whitelisting wistia.com which hosts the videos.

Check Out the Free Course

It covers the basics of composition in about an hour.